Aircraft Hinge Inc. manufactures standard custom aircraft hinges to your specifications.
We can produce hinges from 1 inch to more than 20 feet.


Qty. Description Capacity
1HAAS VF-784 in.
3HAAS VF-450 in.
1HAAS VF-230 in.
1V65 Toyada VMC 
1VNC106 Makino VMC 
3CNC (with Bandit level III)30 in.
4Bridgeport Mills28 in.
1Engine Lathe12 in.
1Vertical Bed Mill50 in.
2Vertical Bed Mills40 in.
3Manual Drilling Machines36 in.
1CMM24 in.
2Horizontal Mills with Vertical Attachment26 in.
1Horizontal Mill with Vertical Attachment32 in.
1Custom Built CNC Slotting Machine24 ft.
7Custom Built Automatic Drills for Hinges20 ft.
1Vibratory Deburring MachineAHI
1Heavy Duty Horizontal/Vertical BandsawAHI
2Table SawAHI
1Floor Drill PressAHI
114 in. BandsawAHI
15 H.P. Air CompressorAHI
2Rockwell Hardness TesterAHI
 Misc. Equipment, Bench Grinder, Drill Sharpener, Etc.AHI
1Precision SawAHI
110 H.P. Air CompressorAHI
1Bank of Drill PressesAHI
1Tool GrinderAHI
1Black Diamond Drill Grinder